03-03-06 [poker] - 3

03-03-06 [poker]

So, I found out PartyPoker installs a bunch of system hooks to spy on you to checks for bots and things like that. Among other things they install a key logger, and they take screenshots of your whole display every so often, and send all that info back to headquarters. On recommendations I've now installed "ProcessGuard" and "SnoopFree" which hopefully will block some of that. Pretty evil shite, those bass-turds. Unfortunately both PG and SF are pretty user unfriendly, and I have to pretty frequently click popups that say "yes, allow that". It's sort of like trying to use Internet Exploder in high security mode - every thing you do you have to click a thousand boxes saying "okay, allow that", blah blah blah.

I just added code to GoldBullion so you can play poker with a gamepad. It's pretty sweet, much more comfortable than a keyboard or mouse. Mutant Storm is still the best way to test a gamepad.

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