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03-03-06 [poker]

Raising suited connectors is great, but not for the reasons people think. Yes, disguise is nice, yes, being able to win without hitting your hand is nice. The real reason why raising suited connectors is great is because it reduces your opponent's range to better hands. Rather than playing a lot of small limped pots with them, you play fewer raised pots. When you have an SC you really want your opponent to have something good enough to get stacked with if you hit your draw. What you really don't want is for them to have something like K5o, which is a favorite against your 67s, but will not pay you off when you hit. You want to force them to have a big hand to play against you, which means you'll pick up more pots when they have nothing, and then when you do hit you can win a big pot.

The sum of EV components with an SC goes something like :

- cost of opening preflop
- cost of drawing postflop
+ winning small pots when they have nothing and fold to a cbet
- winning medium pots when they check-raise or trap your cbet
+ winning huge pots when you hit your draw
If they're on junky hands, all those components are there, but you won't win that huge pot. Another factor for raising suited connectors is that you drive out higher suited hands. 67s really doesn't want Q3s of the same suit in the hand because it can break you if you both hit your flush.

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