02-28-06 [poker] - 2

02-28-06 [poker]

There's a good training technique in Limit Hold'em : whenever you feel tempted to call, either fold or raise. Obviously this is not optimal, but it's a good way to force yourself out of passive calling play and make you commit to either thinking your hand is best or not. It helps your game to make yourself play this way for a few sessions. I've found a new one for myself in No Limit. Whenever I feel tempted to make a small bet or a "feeler" bet, either make a full size bet, or just check. A lot of the time I find myself with a mediocre hand not really knowing what to do, so I make a small bet. That's terrible for a lot of reasions, so I'm trying to train myself out of it.

In other news I feel like my game is back on, so I'm getting read to move up to $200NL again. My bankroll is currently at $3500 and when it hits $4000 I'll start playing $200. As long as I keep playing okay that should be this week.

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