02-28-06 [poker] - 1

02-28-06 [poker]

I believe the experiment with my new name has been successful; I get people chatting to me about it all the time when they do nutty things. In the future all my names are going to be things like "usuck" "IbluffU" "urafish" things like that. A lot of psychologically weak players are easily affected by that. When you bet and they fold, if your name is "tightrock" they assume you have, but if your names is "Ilove2bluff" they assume you bluffed them. On a related note, I'm finding that having the chat off is great for my game. I sort of enjoyed trash talking and chatting, but it was distracting, and now I just focus on the action more. This type of name works on fishes who are looking at names and not PokerTracker stats.

Another good type of name to pick is to just make yourself look like a total douche. This type of name works on semi-pros who assume that everyone out there is a moron fish and just need an excuse to think you are. Names like "PhilIvyRulez" will have you pegged as a moron douche (note intentional mispelling of Ivey), or "luvHotchiX111", or "fittycent" or "mobenjaminz". Names with "fish" or "rock" or something in your name are a bad idea because they show that you know something about poker. On the other hand names like "str8flush" are fishy all the way.

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