02-27-06 [poker] - 1

02-27-06 [poker]

If you add up all the little edges and decisions in poker, they become significant. Just some wild guesses, but at low limit NL I think you can make 5 PTBB/100 just playing super vanilla nut-peddling (1 PTBB = 2 Big Blinds). Then there are lots of little things you can add to your game which edge that up. Playing a bit looser and attacking pots will give you 2-3 PTBB/100, not so much because you make money on those hands but because it increases your pay-off on your big hands. Catching some bluffs and trapping the super-aggros is another 2-3 PTBB/100. Good bet sizing and trapping people for their stack is another edge. Stealing the blinds and playing well against steals is another chunk (the blinds at 6-max are 12.5 PTBB/100, but good play probably just give you a 2-3 PTBB/100 edge on them). Add this all up and perfect play probably gets you 20-25 PTBB/100 , which is pretty insane. Of course just playing super-vanilla you can say you are a "winning player" and you don't need to do any of these other things, but all that value adds up. Say you play 30% hand of hands, so over 100 hands you play 30 ; if you made an extra 1/2 of a big blind on each of those, that's 7.5 PTBB/100.

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