02-25-06 [poker] - 1

02-25-06 [poker]

Even the worst players know that there are cases where No Pair is good and cases where One Pair is not. Obviously if you have something like AQ and a really aggressive guy check-raises your cbet, your hand may well be good. On the other hand if you have something like KT with the top pair T's, but the board is 89T and there's a bet and raise in front of you, your hand is junk. This is pretty basic poker.

On the other hand, even relatively good players can't see the same thing when the hand values are escalated. There are times when Two Pair is a monster, and times when a set or a flush are junk. Beginner fishes make the mistake of getting stuck on One Pair hands. Intermediate fishes make the mistake of getting stuck on "good" hands. The right thing to do is always adaptively evaluate your hand strength based on the situation.

A good example of this is when you have a hand like AA and he has JJ. Any decent player can get away from JJ, but when the flop comes 888, a lot of people get stuck on it. Their hand looks great now because they have a house, but of course their JJ is still beat by just the same things as before.

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