02-24-06 [poker] - 1

02-24-06 [poker]

Some entertaining poker gossip for those of you who don't follow the poker dirt rags :

Andy Beal came back to play the Corporation again after all ($50k/$100k limit hold'em). He beat the original players (Jen Harman, Tedd Forrest, Todd Brunson) out of $6 million or so to make him up +$3. Then Phil Ivey sat in. (cue ominous music). Phil played Andy for about 3 days straight, long sessions, and Phil was in fast aggressive gear the whole time. Phil destroyed him for over $16 million. As I understand Phil was playing with the Corporation bankroll, not his own, so the profit gets split between all the pros who backed the Corporation. Too bad for Phil, the rest of them kind of stunk it up and he destroyed.

In online news, Party Poker has done some serious cracking down on cheaters. Two of the top online tournament players - ZeeJustin and JJProdigy - have had their party accounts closed and all the funds seized because they were found to have entered the same tournament with multiple accounts. Most of the top pros play multiple accounts, and most have admitted to having friends play their accounts, and then which ever one gets deepest in the tournament, the top pro takes over. This is the first time the poker sites have gotten serious about cracking down on these guys. Each one of them lost roughly $200k by getting their accounts frozen.

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