02-23-06 [poker] - 1

02-23-06 [poker]

Right now the online poker world is a food chain of horrible fishes and whales and more or less skilled sharks; the sharks are equipped with all kinds of helper software, books, web sites, they multi-table and get bonuses and rakeback, and the fishes just get destroyed. This is not really the community that the major poker sites want. They'd much rather have everyone be semi-skilled so that it's more a game of chance, more like blackjack or slots or normal casino games. That way they can just skim a rake, no one is a big winner or loser, so the losers don't go busto and just keep playing and pumping the rake, the way they play the lottery. As it is now, a fish might buy in for $1000 and lose $900 of that to a shark, and $100 goes to rake. The shark just cashes out that $900, the rake in games he plays is effectively paid by the fishes. In the ideal world (for the poker sites), two fishes would just play each other and trade money back and forth. Neither would cash out a signficant win and eventually all their money would be lost to the rake.

There are more and more semi-pros these days, and most of them multi-table which effectively multiplies their presence. At almost any table at party there's at least one semi-pro and often 2-3. At a 6-max table this means there are usually only 2-3 bad players and a few other semi-pros. At the $2000 NL tablesd for example, it's hard to sit without running into lolo or Liquid_Farts. Those guys are cash sinks, basically you're going to lose a few $ an hour playing with them because they're better than you, and certainly with the rake it's not profitable to play them. Thus, the other guys at the table have to be enough of a cash source to make the table +EV. Obviously it would be awesome if no one was allowed to multi-table except me. I do think that the 10-tabling that some of the pros do is pretty sick. If you have a bunch of pros 10-tabling, it's hard to find any tables without several of them! I think a limit of 3 or 4 tables would be pretty reasonable.

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