02-22-06 [poker] - 4

02-22-06 [poker]

I find the term "nut flush" and "nut straight" confusing. When someone says "I flopped the nut straight". Did you flop the nuts? (which was a straight), or did you have the nut straight and the true nuts was something else (a flush, I guess).

In play news, my dry spell is officially over. I've had some negative variance recently and also made a lot of bad mistakes. Today I played great and got lucky and scored bigtime. I know this will sound trivial/stupid, but I really play better when I'm catching cards and getting lucky. I don't fuck around with marginal hands, and it also gives me a great image so I can terrorize people with preflop raises and steals. All that attacking that I do doesn't work if you can never show down a winner. When I'm running bad, I start getting impatient and trying to force things and trying to win hands that I can't, and find a profit somewhere.

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