02-22-06 [poker] - 3

02-22-06 [poker]

Some common poker wisdom that I think is pure BS :

1. Build a pot with your draw so that it's big if you hit. There are perhaps cases where this is true (like if you have a draw that's > 50% to hit), but it's almost always -EV.

2. Don't act in such a way that you'll have a hard decision later. eg. don't raise because if he reraises it will be a tough decision. Umm...no. Make the best decision at each point. An actual tough decision is actually not a bad thing, if a decision is very hard it means it's roughly EV neutral.

3. Don't chase a draw if you're going to fold when it hits. Or if you hit your hand and fold people will say "why did you play that in the first place?". Totally wrong. You were playing to make certain hands in certain situations. If your opponent tells you you're beat, you fold even though you hit the hand you wanted.

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