02-21-06 [poker] - 1

02-21-06 [poker]

The crucial street is determined by stack size. B is your stack size in terms of BB's.

B < 10 , the crucial street is preflop. Your big moves are preflop - any pot you play is for your stack.

B in 10-30 , the crucial street is the flop. Your key move is on the flop. You have to be very careful with a continuation bet or a raise on the flop because

B in 30-80 , the crucial street is the turn. With this stack you can preflop raise and cbet or call on the flop with a lot more hands, because you will be making the key decision on the turn of whether to put in a lot of chips.

B > 80, the crucial street is the river.

Of course this varies and it's very rough. For example if there's heavy preflop action, that pushes the crucial street earlier because it swells the pot in relation to the stack sizes.

This comes up in lots of types of thinking. Say Player A is a superior postflop player vs. Player B. They play a match where Player A is forced to play every 2 cards he's dealt preflop. If the stacks are small, Player B will destroy player A, say B < 10. If the stacks are big, like B > 100, then Player A can destroy Player B despite a huge preflop disadvantage, since Player B can't press his advantage without risking his stack and moving a lot of chips postflop.

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