02-20-06 [poker] - 1

02-20-06 [poker]

6-max : great because you'll have more hands heads up with really bad players, which gives you a bigger edge. Also the players just tend to be worse on average compared to full ring, more loose maniacs. Favors players who know how to play around the blinds over those who don't, or who are too tight or too passive. Favors TAG and LAG.

full ring : great because the mistakes that bad players make are worse in full ring. eg. really punishes them for being loose, especially in all the early positions. Lets you be really tight and not pay too much in blinds. If you sit to the left of a fish, you have more hands in position against them (8/10 instead of 4/6). Easier to multi-table because you can play very tight vanilla value poker (playing tight means fewer hands at a time and fewer tricky hands). Really favors tightness, even tight/weak and tight/passive players can make decent profit.

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