02-19-06 [poker] - 1

02-19-06 [poker]

Party's increased the stacks in many of the multi-table tourneys, but also increased the blinds. The sit-n-go 2 and 3 tables used to start with 1000 chips and 10/15 blinds. Now they start with 2000 chips and 20/40 blinds, which is actually a bigger blind in proportion to your stack. The big multis now start with 3000 chips, which is roughly equivalent to 1500 before, so that's a nice change, it means you start with 75 BB so you at least start decently deep.

Cash play certainly is much more profitable than tournament play for many reasons, and I'm still a cash newby, but tournament play really is more fun. That exhileration of getting knocked out, getting all in and risking your life, making a final table, winning a first place, there's nothing like that in the cash games. After a good day of cash play, I just feel like I put in my hours at the job, I made some good plays, some bad plays. After a tournament win, I feel like the king of the world, baby! (1st place today at a 20-person)

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