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Frozen shrimp is a handy healthy food that can be cooked without bothering to thaw it. There are two good ways :

1. Broiled. You can broil frozen shrimp without thawing. The key is to place them on a rack over a pan or baking sheet, because as they thaw they'll give off a lot of water and you don't want them to sit in that. Simple cover in olive oil and season them as you normally would (something like herbs de provence or TJ's 21 are good), and broil until crispy.

2. Boiled. The key here is to place them in the water when the water is still cold. Heat up the water to boiling, and by the time the water gets to boiling the shrimp are thawed and then will cook just like they normally would. I like to do this and make a shrimp Ramen - just put the shrimp in the cold water, heat it up to boiling, cook them for 2 minutes & skim the foam off the top, then put the ramen in the same pot and cook the 3 minutes more for the noodles. Add napa cabbage and black mushrooms to the hot broth, as well as chili garlic sauce (Sambal Olek) or whatever you like. (a little Sherry is a good trick for giving it a false flavor of "royal broth"). (btw it's strange that so much Chinese cooking calls for Sherry, when Sherry comes from Europe; I wonder if it's just a convenient stand-in for some Chinese alcohol with a similar flavor).

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