02-18-06 [poker] - 3

02-18-06 [poker]

I've made myself a mantra. I'm going to try saying this out loud to myself each time before I starting playing:
I'm ready to play.  I'm ready to -
	be patient
	play each hand as well as possible
	stab at pots and then fold to aggression
	concentrate on the game
	lose the minimum as well as win the maximum
	don't try to win pots I can't win
	let them bluff and win pots from me, and don't let it bother me
	not worry if I'm winning or losing, just play each hand well
	be aggressive, raise with draws in good situations
	not attack obvious strength
	play solid, vanilla, don't do funny shite
	just fold marginal hands that sort of hit the flop
	not chase, not limp junk and not call postflop
	just fold when I'm beat
	take bad beats and just shrug them off
	use reads and stats to make small adjustments to basic solid play

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