02-17-06 [poker] - 5

02-17-06 [poker]

It's been a slow week for me in the poker world. I busted out 1st hand in the live tournament. Online I've made a small profit, but I haven't made any of those big hands that bust someone and give you a nice win. I've found a few "whales" (big, rich donating fishes), but I haven't been able to bust any of them. Either someone else busts them or they leave the table before I get the cards to do it. I've also made a handful of evil mistakes that have cost me. It's funny, one of the things that bugs me about being break-even this week is that it hurts my win rate. I think of my win rate as like my skill rating, almost like my stats in an RPG, and by going break-even it just drags down the win rate. I need to post a good weekend and get it back up. (The dollar level you play at is your "level" and the # of hands are "experience points").

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