02-17-06 [poker] - 1

02-17-06 [poker]

Pretty interesting hand at Dustin's live tournament last night. It's the very first hand of the game, I just got there. We all have 150 in chips and the blinds are 1/2.

I limp in UTG+1 with 4d 6d . Several other limps and the blinds check. Dustin is just to my left and limped behind me.

Pot $12 , 6 players
Flop is 4h Td Jd

Bingo! I have a pair + flush draw, a monster hand, I want to get chips in the middle.

SB checks
BB (Jessica) bets $6
I raise to $24
Dustin calls (!!)
all fold

That's really funny, Dustin just cold-called a reraise. That means he has something really big. He limped in and now cold-called a reraise. He must have a flush draw, str8draw, maybe str8+flush draw, or possibly a set, something like 44. TT and JJ are pretty unlikely because he would've raised them preflop, but it's possible he got tricky with TT. Also TJ is possible but less likely.

Pot $66, 2 players
Turn is 3d
I bet $40
Dustin calls

Again very suspicious, Dustin just calls a big bet on the turn. If he just pushed all in here I'd definitely call, because it looks like he's protecting against the diamonds and maybe has the 44 or TJ.

Pot $146
River is 9h
Hero ????

I have only about $84 left, but I can't put him on anything but a higher flush! What do I do ? If I check, he'll check behind with any worse hand, so I'll miss some profit there. If he has the flush, he'll surely bet, probably all in. If I bet, he'll call with a wide range. He might be able to fold if he doesn't have the flush, but he might call with a set. I really really felt like he had the flush at the time, but I just couldn't imagine check-folding a flush, so I went ahead and pushed it and he called with the Ad5d.

It's easy to say "flush over flush is just bad luck", but I really put him on the flush on the river, and I think I could've check-folded. Of course if I check-folded and he showed me 44 I'd feel like a real moron. Anyhoo, I'm okay with the mistake of running a flush into a higher flush. At least I didn't show up with top pair or some nonsense.

You can read Dustin's version of some of the hands at The Chapel Perilous .

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