02-16-06 [poker] - 4

02-16-06 [poker]

Well, I think the new Party Poker GUI is a complete POS. It's an improvement like the Windows XP GUI - slower, bulkier, balloony, with lots of unnecessary effects that detract from functionality.

In positive news, I very quickly got GoldBullion working on the new GUI. They broke a few things - I can no longer read hand histories while the game is running. They used to log each line of the hand history as it happened, now they way for the hand to be over and then log the whole thing. Also, their buttons are all fucked up which is currently breaking the autoplay, hopefully they'll fix the buttons in general. Also, the GoldBullion data mining DOES still work. So, despite Party's efforts to break data mining, I still can. Nya Nya.

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