02-16-06 [poker] - 2

02-16-06 [poker]

Stuff Party Poker needs to fix :

1) fix the rebuy exploits (being able to rebuy when all-in)

2) fix the way the buttons/blinds move when people get knocked out (the BB should move, not the button)

3) fix the way the blinds are when heads up at cash tables (eg. SB should be the button)

4) fix alert sounds - you don't get any action warning sounds at inactive tables
(chip sounds and stuff should remain only at the active window)

5) add a time bank for the cash games, give me 40 seconds a day or something like that

6) fix the window activation & click bugs where sometimes you have to click many times on a button to get 
	the action to go through

7) get rid of "hide me from search" ; I want to find my buddy listers!!

8) give me an option to auto-rebuy at cash tables when I bust out so I don't
miss hands, better yet give me an option to stay at a full buy in any time I
go under full.

9) let me move seats at a table without sitting out and rejoining the table

10) let me get up from my seat without leaving the table, eg. leave the table window open just with not me at it
	(this would make #9 unnecessary)

11) don't auto-minimize the lobby when I open a table; also don't auto-open the lobby when I close a table
	(let me control the lobby myself)

12) better buddy list, like "select all for search"

13) heads up sit-n-gos

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