02-16-06 - 1


Since I can't play, I'll write up an idea Dan & I had a while ago. It's a TV commercial, it goes like this :

Hot chick stumbles out of a club in an alley in some big grimy city. It's late at night, she yells goodbyes to her friends in club and stumbles down the alley obviously drunk. Lots of scary dark shadows, water dripping in puddles, a rusty gate swings in the wind, it should sort of feel like a horror movie where she's obviously unaware but the audience is thinking "oh no, don't walk down the alley!". Suddenly someone jumps out of the shadows, we can't really see them they're still in the dark. They press her up against the wall and say "take off your pants!", camera pans down to her pants, tight jeans that make her ass look great. She protests and the assailant puts a knife to her "take off your pants!" , she, sobbing, complies. The assailant pulls the knife away and grabs the pants, the girl collapses to the ground sobbing and covering her face, her legs akimbo hiding her panties. The assailant throws the jeans over her shoulder and we see the camera pans out as she walks away and we see assailant is another club-girl. Zoom in on the jeans pockets slung over her shoulder so we can see the logo.

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