02-15-06 [poker] - 3

02-15-06 [poker]

I wonder if my poker app is sellable. It basically does everything that Poker Tracker + Poker Ace HUD + PartyMine does, and those cost about $70 total. On the other hand, those all have much nicer GUIs (I write very functional GUIs and command line stuff, which is how I prefer it), plus I think they've pretty well saturated the market already. Even if I sold for $20, they've got the mind-share, market-share, advertising, etc. etc. and much of the customer base already owns those things. My app has a lot of nice features that those don't have, but that's not enough to get someone who already bought those to get mine too, My app also takes about a minute to load up with a million hand database, while Poker Tracker takes 30 minutes or so (!!). But, PT has a full database so you can do custom queries and I don't (though I guess I easily could with some freeware DB code). I think the potential market is pretty big. I'd guess that Poker Tracker has sold around 10,000 units, maybe more, at around $50, which = $500k in sales, which is almost all profit.

If I were to commercialize there would be lots of annoying code things I'd have to do. Aside from the GUI issue, I'd have to make it work with all the other poker sites. Right now it only works with Party since that's all I play. I've never sold my own shareware apps so I'd have to learn how to do installers and lock apps with registration codes, etc. etc.

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