02-15-06 [poker] - 2

02-15-06 [poker]

Some strategy thoughts :

Flush draws really suck as calling drawing hands because they're so obvious and people are very scared of the flush card. Because of this I prefer to use flush draws as semi-bluffing hands. If possible I'd like to get all-in on the flop with a flush draw when it's reasonable. Of course this is moronic at low stakes unless you have a combo draw or have some good fold equity.

Straight draws are great draws to take off a card and try to spike it because the implied odds are good. Also, in Limit hold'em it's bad to draw to straights when the board has flush draws, but in No Limit the opposite is true. You can represent the flush draw, so you actually have outs like a str8 flush, since the flush outs are bluff outs for you.

With big combo draws on the flop I really want to get all in. Out of position I usually lead and hope they raise, rarely I'll check-raise. In position I'm thinking that I might start min-raising more. If they reraise, I can push. If they just call they probably check the turn to me and I bought myself a very cheap free card, I can check behind. I'll also min-raise with monsters and with air when I put them on a whiffed c-bet.

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