02-14-06 [poker] - 4

02-14-06 [poker]

Funny coincidence, with all my recent thinking about Prahlad, the WSOP Circuit event he was in just reran on TV. He gets heads up with Chris Ferguson at the end and their stacks are nearly identical. Unfortunately Jesus makes the nuts and Prahlad makes the second nuts, so we don't really get to see what a match between them would be like. I actually think Prahlad has a big edge in that matchup. Chris is awesome in tournament play against a field (and under-rated, IMHO, I would take him in my Fantasy Poker league), but heads up against a wild aggressive player like Prahlad, I dunno. Would've been great to see without that horrible hand. Anyhoo, it struck me that Prahlad really really reminds me of Justin Hall who is a wacky goofy white guy freestyle rapper Scandinavian-cum-bay-area vegetarian hippy just like Prahlad is.

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