02-14-06 [poker] - 2

02-14-06 [poker]

I'd like to get to the $1000 NL game this year, by steadily moving up in levels and demonstrating a good win rate at each level. So far I'm kicking ass at the $100 NL level, but I keep making really amateurish errors. My win rate rocks despite that, but I'm not letting myself move up to $200 until I can get a hold on these errors. I wonder if any of you have good training ideas? Whenever I make a mistake I review it and try to analyze what I did wrong, and why, but I'm not sure that helps very much. I wonder if there's some dumb psychiatrist trick that could be useful, like teaching myself that ringing a bell is really horrible, and then ring a bell whenever I make an error. I could condition myself by hiring a dominatrix to ring a bell and stomp on my nut sack ...

On a related note, the one really bad thing about the poker lifestyle is that when I have a losing session or make a big mistake, it makes me really depressed for a short while, and I usually have to drink booze and eat chocolate, and it makes me pretty worthless for doing anything at that point. When you win your brain injects endorphins and you get this short term high, but when you lose or fuck up your brain punishes itself and injects some sort of massive downer chemicals and you can't get off the couch.

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