02-13-06 [poker] - 1

02-13-06 [poker]

I was telling Dustin about this the other day - it seems like all the online poker sites screw up the blinds when cash tables get down to 2 players. I know Party does it, and I hear Stars does it too. Heads up (2 players) the button should be the SB preflop, but they make the button the BB, and the out of position guy the SB. This is very weird and should change your preflop strategy a LOT. Heads up, position is even more important than it is in full games, so being on the button is a big advantage. That means when you're the SB out of position preflop, you want to fold almost any two cards!! Obviously play super-premium hands, but even something like ATo you could fold in a deep game. Conversely, on the button/BB you have the advantage of position, plus you are defending your blind. You want to call most raises preflop, and raise any time he limps. You want to play almost any two cards, down to things like Axs and 64s in a deep game. (those are my wild guesses in the dark about preflop strategy, anyway).

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