02-12-06 [poker] - 1

02-12-06 [poker]

In defense of the minraise. On later streets, when it's unlikely he's drawing, the min raise can be very useful. It's a good way to extract value when you have a monster, because it's such a small raise they'll call with a lot of hands they might dumb for a real raise. Also when you have a mediocre hand that you want to show down, it's a cheap way to slow them down. Say they bet $16 on the turn. If you just call, they'll bet $30 on the river. However, if you min-raise, they'll check the river to you and you can just check behind. You make the same minraise with a monster, but you then bet the river when they check. This is a powerful move in position. Out of position, it's a horrible move. You always have to play much more straightforward ("solid") out of position.

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