02-12-06 [life] - 1

02-12-06 [life]

We went down to Santa Barbara for the weekend. On the way back we went to the Red Rock swimming hole off the 154. It was a nice warm day out, but the water is still icy cold, swimming in it for a few minutes gave me a head ache.

Didn't play any poker this weekend, and I feel like I missed out. The weekend games are so juicy. The whole setup with Danielle working a regular job really sucks. I can't play poker at night or on the weekend, which are the best times to play. I play during the day which is much, much tougher. We can't just take off in the middle of the week and go skiing or camping. I'm spoiled and I really don't like doing those things on the weekend when there are bloody human beings around. Camping/hiking/skiing/the beach are all so nice during the week when it's quiet and deserted.

We ate at "Roy" in Santa Barbara which was disappointing; I've always thought it was a cool place, but the food is very ordinary. Came home today and I made much better food (poached salmon with dill and capers). A funny thing happened at Roy. I was sitting at the bar with Danielle while we waited for our table. Dan got up to go pee, and this Urban Cougar sat down next to me. We were chatting a bit and she was practically purring (I think she tried to rub her cougar musk glands on me). Anyway, Dan came back and I got to do the "oh, this is my hot young girlfriend. Get lost, cougar".

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