02-10-06 [poker] - 4

02-10-06 [poker]

You want to play big pots when you're in the upper end of the range your opponent can put you on. Let me elaborate. Your opponent can figure out from your action that you're on a certain range of hands. He knows that range, so if he is still calling or raising against you, he must think he can do well against that range. That means you can put him on a hand which beats the average of your range. So, if your actual hand is in the lower end of your range, you must fold. If your actual hand is in the upper end of your range, you can play. Note that this may mean you are folding some very very good hands, but playing some very weak ones. Also note that the bigger your range is, the more hands you can play!! For example, if you completely define your hand to a small range, and your opponent shows strength, you cannot play. Say for example that you only ever play AA. Now if your opponent shows strength against you, he knows you have AA, so he must beat that, so you have to fold. On the other hand, what if you play AA and also 23o. Now if he shows strength against you it just means he can beat that range, which means your AA is way ahead of him. In simpler terms, when you define your hand and your opponent then shows strength, he's saying he can beat your hand, and you must fold. The ranges are just a better way of saying this.

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