02-10-06 [poker] - 1

02-10-06 [poker]

I'm beginning to realize that I could realistically make about $1k / day playing poker, even at low limits ($100 NL). That's actually more than I made at Oddworld, though not as much as I could theoretically make in software as a tech director or some sort of management position. I make about $30 per table hour at poker now, and if I could 4-table that (not unrealistic at all, some people 10-table !!), that would be $120 per real hour, 8 hours a day = about $1k average. If I could get my table count up I could earn the same with fewer hours. And of course moving up limits I could play fewer tables and fewer hours. Currently I'm mostly just 2-tabling at 6-max because I want to have the full focus and make sure I'm not making mistakes. Of course with variance there would be days of $0 and days of $2k, I'm just talking about long term averages here.

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