02-08-06 [poker] - 2

02-08-06 [poker]

A guy on 2+2 said something the other day which has clicked a light on in my head. Part of the reason why being out of position (OOP) is less profitable is because you sometimes fold the best hand.

Consider the case where you have a good but not great hand against a very aggressive, decent opponent. For example, you might have something like top pair top kicker (TPTK). Normally you want to play a small pot with this hand, but he won't let you. You have to decide whether to just fold, or go ahead and play a big pot with it. The reason is he will attack weakness. So you can either A) bet hard the whole way, leading at him and playing a big pot, or B) bet weak (or check), he'll probably attack, and you call trying to pick off his attack with a weaker hand, or C) try to make some probe bets and if he attacks big, you fold. Against this opponent option (A) is probably the worst. If you play a big pot, you'll win some and lose some, but the problem there is you're letting him decide whether to play a big pot with his hand. If you just take option (C) and fold to any big aggression from him, you will often be folding the best hand.

Now, I used to think that folding the best hand in this spot is an EV disaster. That's not true!!! Folding the best hand OOP is part of a normal winning game. Of course you also want to balance that by making other people fold the best hand when you have position.

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