02-08-06 [poker] - 1

02-08-06 [poker]

Poker players assume that unknown players play the same as they do. That is, a tight/weak guy will assume that an unknown is also tight/weak. So, if you're unknown to him and you put in a big check-raise, he's going to fold almost any hand. Similarly, a loose/aggressive guy will assume that you're often bluffing or calling with marginal hands, so you should bet,bet,bet hard for value against him, and not bluff. Once they get to know you they will adjust to your actual style, but this is a sure tendency to be aware of.

I made a big score today, more than making up for my disaster yesterday. I was reminded again of how stupid I get when I'm losing. Big wins come from big hands (or other forms of good luck - such as the right scare card hitting for you to bluff, him missing his draw, etc.). When you're winning, poker is easy, and you realize that all those little hands like QJ with top pair J's, you don't have to fight over so hard, you can let those go and still take his stack when you have a big hand. When you're card dead and not making any big hands, you start thinking you have to fight over all those little pots, and you wind up pushing too much to win pots that you can't win and lose a lot more. I've written almost this exact same thing here before and it still doesn't sink in when I'm losing. When the cards let you win - win the maximum. When the cards make you lose - try to lose the minimum. Don't try to win when the cards won't let you, it just makes things worse.

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