02-06-06 [poker] - 3

02-06-06 [poker]

In deep stack NL, play on the turn and river is crucial. If the bets are roughly pot size on each street, then bets on the river are typically around 20-40 BB. That means one river mistake is equal to 20-40 bad calls preflop !!! This also means that you can take the worst of it preflop for 1 BB if your opponents will make mistakes on the river. A lot of people take this fact the wrong way. They think it just means you should chase draws. That's not really true, as I tried to show in previous post about implied odds. Rather it's more crucial with hands like AJ where you hit your ace. If you're going to pay off a big bet with that hand on the river, that could be a huge mistake, even though playing it preflop was only very slightly -EV or even slightly +EV. Another example is when people will attack hard or call big on the river if you show weakness on earlier streets. In this case you can give them a free card on the flop or turn (which is a small -EV play), which will cause them to make a large error on the river when the pot is bigger. Note of course that all this is only true if you're building the pot up to the river.

I'm playing around 500 hands a day right now. I need to get that up to 1000 at least, and then go a lot higher. A lot of online pros play 5000 a day regularly.

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