02-02-06 [poker] - 2

02-02-06 [poker]

Sometimes you run into these guys who will "float" your c-bets. Floating means calling a bet with nothing just to take the pot away later. Typical TAG players like me open raise a lot and c-bet a lot. The floaters then call the c-bet and see if you keep going on the turn. If you check the turn, they bet to take it down. These guys will also bet the flop if you don't c-bet, and sometimes check behind on the turn and take it on the river. The ones that aren't maniacs will still try to fold when they think you have a real hand.

What's the general response to these guys? First of all, keep up your game. Keep raising preflop, and keep c-betting. When they float, you will generally have much better hands than them and generally be ahead. If you hit the flop, generally go ahead and c-bet. Then, sometimes bet the turn again, but sometimes check-raise on the turn. If you miss the flop, occasionally just don't c-bet. Try to guess when they might actually have a hand and just check/fold in that case. Other times when you miss, check-raise the flop! Other times when you miss, go ahead and c-bet. If you miss with a hand like AK, you can then check/call the turn & river for value! If you c-bet your miss and they call, often check/fold the turn, but sometimes go ahead and bet again on the turn, and rarely check/raise.

If they are frequently calling your second barrel on the turn, or your check-raises, then you have to just tighten up even more. At that point they're just becoming a "calling station" and your only option is to make a big hand. Just tighten up and value bet more.

Sometimes I will wuss out against these guys and tighten up too much and stop c-betting when I miss the flop. That's very wrong!! It lets them know when you have a hand and if they're any good they'll just fold. Usually they're pretty fishy so I can still make money that way, but I'd make much more with the above aggressive strategy.

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