02-02-06 [poker] - 1

02-02-06 [poker]

I went up to NL 600 again yesterday to chase an uber-fish, and lost my stack. Losing one stack is not unusual in NL, but losing $600 is quite a lot compared to the stakes I normally play. That's destroyed my profit for the week. I made the mistake of playing big hands against the other players (not the uber fish). My goal was to just avoid them and only play pots with the fish, but then I got some cards and started thinking "I can win this pot" and that was my tragic flaw.

I'm still making a lot of mistakes at NL$100, so I'm postponing my move up to NL$200. I'd like to play for a few days in a row with no huge mistakes. Overall the biggest flaw in my game all around continues to be trying too hard to win pots that I can't win. Some pots you just have to let go and cut your losses; I get ideas that I can call down and catch a bluff, or bluff myself and get them off their hand, etc.. These are important moves, I just need to use them less and let a few more pots go.

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