02-02-06 - 3


Semi-poker. I've hooked up keyboard control to my party app. I've got a bit of a puzzle : I need the key commands to be quick and simple, but I need to make damn sure I don't use any key combos that I would press in other apps, because those could easily get to the poker window and cause me to lose a fortune. Right now I've got them hooked up to some ctrl-shift-X combos, but there are two problems with that. 1) I already use ctrl-shift in VC quite a bit, and 2) pressing ctrl-shift all day long will ruin my hands worse than the mouse does. So, I need something better. I was thinking maybe Windows-key combos would work, since I don't use those except for the few in the OS (Win-R, Win-E, Win-F, Win-D, Win-M, etc.) So quite a few Window-X keys are free. Another possibility I was thinking of was something like LShift-RShift-F. That sounds nasty, but actually you can press both shifts with your pinkies very comfortably. Perhaps lots of pinkie presses would become onerous.

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