02-02-06 - 2


Hey ho, windows peoples, what is that state that a window is in when it's like flashing and wants to be the active window, but isn't actually the active window? You know, its tab thingy on the task bar is flashing? And how could I query to see if a window is in that state? I'd love to be able to just prevent Party from doing any of the rotten shit is does to its own windows.

I've tried the TweakUI thing where you say "Prevent apps from stealing focus" but it doesn't seem to stop Party Poker. I've now got my app doing activation of party windows, which is superior, but I haven't stopped party yet. I suppose I could probably install a hook somewhere and futz with it.

Well, it looks like LockSetForegroundWindow() works fine. For some reason I thought I'd tried it before and it didn't work, but it does. Hmm.. nope, I take that back, it doesn't seem to work reliably.

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