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Help me with Excel : I'm outputting CSV files from GoldBullion full of stats. The first line is the header descriptions. I want to make that row "sticky" so it stays on top when I scroll through the other rows. I cannot figure out how to do that in excel for the life of me (!!). Excel does seem to recognize that that first row is the column descriptions, because if you do "Sort By" it shows those words as the name of each column.

(answer) : Excel is a P.O.S. but you can easily make a split window pane and have the header bit in the top pane :

"Grab that little grey rectangle above the vertical scroll bar (on upper right hand side) and drag it down so that a new pane (for the headings) is created. Use the bottom (original) pane to to scroll through your shit"

Also : good stuff on Freeze Panes . Though I'm on Office 10 and a lot of this stuff seems to only be in Office 12. For example "Freeze Top Row" is exactly what I want and doesn't seem to exist. I have to manually make a 1-row pane and then freeze it.

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