1-5-06 - 1


Terrible poker day. I started off with about $400 in bad beats and bad luck, which of course put me on tilt and I went and blew off another $100 with pure donkey stupidity. So, Dan and I went for a bike ride on her new bike that I got for 'Mas (we take the Christ out around here). It's lovely and warm again all of a sudden, and the recent rain has made the grass pop up on the hills. We took down the 'Mas tree, and I struggled with it in a Homereque manner (with much Doh-ing and cursing). I also took apart my old broken hot tub. I smashed it up with my pickaxe which was sort of fun but messy (it was full of fetid swampy water, breeding all sorts of unknown creatures, I'm sure). I need to get a better handle on taking some beats and getting over it. On the plus side, I'm showing a bit more discipline about just quitting when I'm playing bad, though I still had to donk off $100 before I faced the music and walked away.

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