1-29-06 - 1


Pretty much any time the monitor goes to sleep & wakes up again, it gets slightly out of adjustment and I have to auto-adjust again. That's annoying. Also, thanks to Sean I know about the 1x1 grid trick, and you can really see if the monitor's off adjustment with a 1x1 black and white grid. It looks all wavy and shimmery when it's out of adjustment. So now I've gone all OCD and I have to open my adjuster image and run the auto-adjust all the time. Damn! If only I didn't know it could be this could, I could relax about it !

I still think the Planar is sharper for black and white text, but the Dell looks just amazing with color photos. I got a bunch of 1920x1200 photos from interfacelist and they just blow me away. The default color settings on the Dell were really whack too. The "PC Standard" makes everything look super green. I've got it set at Red 44, Green 55, Blue 45, which seems about right, but I'm not happy about the fact that I just pulled those numbers out of my ass. I need Amish Nick to calibrate everything for me.

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