1-21-06 [poker] - 1

1-21-06 [poker]

I've been trying to catch my favorite uber-fish today. He's been playing NL $400 and $600. I keep getting on the waiting list at his table, and by the time a seat opens, he's busted out (it's his seat that's open). Then he goes to another table, I find him and get on the list, and he busts again. I think he's dropped $2k or $3k today and I can't get on a damn table with him. The guy must be rich and like to play drunk or something.

Another nice one : Guy raises UTG to 4 BB. I call with 77 to hit the set. Flop 37T. He bets pot size, I raise to 3x pot size, he pushes all in, I call. He flips KK. Turn J, river K. I say "omg, unreal", he says "well, I had the best hand". These type of donks I hate the most, the guys who think they know how to play poker and that the "best hand" should win. -$100 on a two outer.

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