1-15-06 - 4


Well, the Steelers were a good bet obviously. My picks to win went 3-1. My picks to bet were 2 for 2 (bet Broncos and Panthers). Damn, that was a missed opportunity. I'll update the picks for next week in a few days. I still think the AFC is a favorite to win the superbowl. The Broncos and the Steelers are the two most balanced teams in the NFL. There's a lot of nonsense about defense winning championships. The truth is *balance* wins. If you look at the great championship teams of all time - the 80's 49ers, the 90's Cowboys, the 00's Patriots, the thing they all have is balance. They have a rushing attack, passing, and great defense. The Seahawks should be able to handle the Panthers, assuming they're healthy, which is a bit of a question mark. Good for Seattle finally getting some wins!

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