1-12-06 [poker] - 2

1-12-06 [poker]

Top X most hated things people say on the "2+2" boards :
  • "Call and Play Poker on the turn/river". Play Poker? WTF !? Isn't that what I was asking how to do? This is most hillarious when calling puts 80% of your chips in the pot, and you can hardly "play poker" on later streets.

  • "You can find a better place to get your chips in the middle". Umm, yeah, sure, like when I have the stone cold nuts, and he's betting into me? That would be better right? This is a cash game, not a tournament, so if I have an edge on this hand I want to play it, I don't want to wait for a "better spot". I'll get my chips in the better spot too.

  • "Raise more preflop. Bet more on the flop." Okay, this is often the right advice, but people just spout it mechanically like somehow betting more will make everything alright, even though it reduces the chance of getting called by worse hands and gets you more pot-stuck and doesn't take into account the details of the situation.

  • "If you would've bet more, you'd be pot committed and it would be easy to call when he raises." (said when you're betting with like a flush draw). Umm, good advice, pot-commit yourself when you're behind so that you can call off the rest of your stack "easily".

  • "I have KK preflop, he reraised, should I fold?".

  • "I flopped quads and slowplayed it, now I'm scared of the str8flush on the river; should I fold?". Umm, no.

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