1-11-06 [poker] - 3

1-11-06 [poker]

Fuck. Twice tonight I flopped top set. First time I played fast, just led out with a bet, and the guy folded. The next time I slow played, checked the flop and bet the turn. Well, the guy hit his gutshot on the turn and stacked me. +$10 on first hand -$100 on second hand. Top set sucks. The first hand was not a good flop to slow play, J98, I had JJ, there's a nasty draw there. The second flop looked pretty bland - AK3 rainbow, I had AA, not much of a draw for me to worry about, but there's almost always a gutshot on any flop.

Actually, that's interesting - how many flops have no one card straight draws? 38K,27K. Is that it? Any flop with an ace has a straight draw. (this assuming no pair or trips on the flop, three different ranks)

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