11-8-05 [poker] - 1

11-8-05 [poker]

Really rotten luck in the past two days. Today I got a funny hand - AA on the very first hand of the tournament. I got all-in on the first hand against two other guys, one with KK, one with QQ. Of course, I lost. More generally I've been having problems racing against loose/wild players. Generally my goal in tournaments is to build a stack by betting without showing down, and then to only get in races with people on much smaller stacks. The problem I've been having is that at every table there's been at least one very loose, wild, aggressive player. With that guy at the table, he becomes the captain and my game has to become a trapping game. The nasty thing is he'll very often get a big stack from his wild play, so he can take me out, and I can't push him off pots, so I have to show down with him. I don't get AA often enough, so I wind up showing down JJ with him, and he'll call with cards like A8, which is ass, but scary and I have a good chance of going out right there. It's even worse of course when I'm not actually ahead, since even loose wild players get great cards sometimes.

BTW anyone who says they'll fold AA is a moron. Even folding KK online is pretty insane. The guy who called with QQ here, however, was clearly wrong. The other two of us provided ample evidence that we had monster hands with a series of raises, and he was the last to call allin.

Well I finally got a run of cards and took a 1st place at a two-table. It's funny, I can play the exact same way in two tourneys; one I don't get cards and I feel like a moron and start questioning myself, the other I get cards and feel like a genius. It's sort of like biking with the wind - you bike with the wind at your back and you feel like a speedy fit god, you bike with the wind at your face and you feel so slow and out of shape.

Ugh. I just made it really deep (140th) into a 1000 player tournament. I had a nice big stack, and this horrible donkey moved in on the flop against me. The flop was all low cards (ten high). I called with QQ, he shows KJ ! No pair, no draw! Of course you know the answer. Hours of work and a solid chance to make a good place and instead I'm out on my ass. Oh well, try again tomorrow. Do these guys even know how to spell poker? Moving in with KJ preflop is pretty bad, but moving on the flop with no pair, no draw, etc. is just unbelievable. This was also a guy that I had pegged for moving lots of chips with bad hands, so I knew I was ahead. On the plus side, I felt like I was playing really well, and had corrected some recent mistakes. I was playing well against the wild/loose players and the big bluffers, so much so that they were getting angry at me for stymying them.

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