11-7-05 [poker] - 2

11-7-05 [poker]

I have a really bad tendency against loose/aggressive/wild players, I tend to loosen up too, playing hands like KJ trying to catch them, since indeed KJ will be good against them often. That's a big mistake. The proper play is to stay correctly tight and just play back more aggressively. So, in a normal situation where you might call with AJ, instead you push a big reraise against them.

People wax poetic about the long rounds at the World Series, but the truth is that you probably play almost as many hands in 15 minutes online as you play in 2 hours at the world series. The big difference is in the stamina and patience needed to sit and fold so much in a slow live event like that. (also the starting blinds to chip stacks are very different)

I think they can stop explaining the rules of poker in every poker broadcast now. They don't explain basketball at every NBA broadcast. And did those little crap explanations ever help anyone anyway?

The "royalvegas.tv" championship looks promising. TiVo it. I can't believe some of the ridicously bad plays some of the pros make. When you have two pair on the turn and the board is double suited, you RAISE!!

Maybe I should do my own commentary for poker broadcasts and put the modified video online.

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