11-6-05 [poker] - 1

11-6-05 [poker]

M around 10 is the hardest region to play. Your stack is big enough that you're not desparate, so just moving in when it folds to you is a mistake, but on the other hand your stack is small enough that you don't really want to get in a pot unless you're good enough to get all-in, it's a bad move to limp and try to see flops because you're giving up too much if you fold. You wind up playing a lot of hands like AT, where you open raise, miss the flop, and suddenly you're in a big pot for a lot of your stack and you have a pretty shitty hand.

Another big tournament, I took 35th. Worse place than yesterday, but I feel happier, because I just played well and got a bad run of cards at the end, got short-stacked and lost my race. After the game yesterday I felt like my brain had been scrambled; thinking so hard for so long and then melting down at the end; I got a headache and felt dazed and depressed.

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