11-20-05 [poker] - 2

11-20-05 [poker]

I think I'm not getting maximum value on my best hands. If there are draws to better hands I hate to give free cards, which is sometimes a mistake. Letting someone perhaps catch up is a risk you have to take, just like getting in with AA over KK is a risk - you lose 20% of the time - letting someone draw when they have maybe a 10% chance of beating you is sometimes the right move. Here's a hand where I perhaps make this mistake :

tennisprobry  posts small blind (10)
brasattack  posts big blind (20)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to chukb [ 9h, Jh ] 
pjschav folds.
Roscoe451 raises (40) to 40
eceed folds.
Fold_Deuces calls (40)
showell calls (40)
TL1981 folds.
chukb calls (40)

(I call on the button with a nice flop-seeing hand.  I actually like the fact that one guy min-raised,
because it means he might have something good enough to pay me off if I hit my hand)

tennisprobry folds.
brasattack calls (20)
** Dealing Flop ** :  [ Ah, 3h, 9d ] 
brasattack checks.
Roscoe451 checks.
Fold_Deuces folds.
showell checks.
chukb checks.

(I've got a huge draw - the flush draw + a pair drawing to trips or two pair, I certainly want to play.
I'm worried that if I bet here it will kill action.  Furthermore, this table has been nutty with people
reraising allin, so I'd like to go ahead and hit my hand before I have to get allin).

** Dealing Turn ** :  [ 7h ] 
brasattack checks.
Roscoe451 checks.
showell bets (60)
chukb raises (180) to 180

(I've hit the flush.  Annoyingly showell has bet very very small, well less than even half pot size.  I'm worried
someone has a higher heart and will certainly call that tiny bet.  I want to charge higher hearts, and hopefully
someone has an ace and will fight for it).

brasattack folds.
Roscoe451 folds.
showell folds.

Not very successful. Maybe I should have bet a little on the flop to start sweetening the pot. Also on the turn I could have just called, and maybe the others would have called behind. Then, most of the time I'm still winning on the river and can try to milk it more at that point. If showell would have bet bigger on the turn I would have just called and hoped he would bet again on the river.

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