11-14-05 [poker] - 4

11-14-05 [poker]

Leaks in my game I need to fix :

  • Playing on tilt, trying to make up for losses. Just stop for the day!
  • Underestimating my opponents. Sometimes I think they're donkeys and make up some fiction in which I'm ahead. Assume they're good players until you know otherwise!!
  • Getting bored and not keeping full focus. Every pot counts, even small ones. Don't give up on pots!
  • Acting too fast, especially when I get on a roll. Slow down and think every decision through, especially big ones.
  • Making bad calls when someone overbets the pot. If you're risking a lot of chips you better be right! Let them bluff some times, make sure you win when you try to catch a bluff!
  • Calling too much when I think I have pot odds after stealing. Make the steal/bluff attempt, but then just fold to the reraise!!.
  • Paying off very big hands with not so big hands. This only happens when I'm running bad and get impatient.

Today I got back on track and played pretty darn well, but still lost a lot of money due to just unending horrific beats. I got a 2nd and 3rd place in small tournaments, but that doesn't pay much, you really need 1st places. Oh well, I still feel good that at least I got my game back on the rails, hopefully we'll see some profit tomorrow.

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