11-10-05 [poker] - 2

11-10-05 [poker]

I think I'm going to finally buy some poker chips, mainly just to be able to riffle while I play online. These are insanely cheap . I think they're the standard uber-cheap chips that have been around a while, and they don't have the best feel. I don't know quite what distinguishes the nicer chips. Weight seems to be a red herring. It's sort of like the twenty-blade razor, everyone's making heavier poker chips to give the illusion of "quality", but real casino chips are only like 10g or something, so the common composite 11.5g is already heavier than that. Real chips cost like $1 each, which is rather much. You may as well just go to a casino and get a bunch of real $1 chips and walk out with them, since you can always go back and redeem them for cash, it's a free rental. There are things like this - 13gm pro clay which maybe are better?

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