11-1-05 - 3


Poker Superstars is actually getting pretty interesting now that it's near the end. The semifinals and finals promise to be good, with heads up matches between some of the best players in the field. The total donkeys like Sklansky and Seed are gone and everyone left is pretty solid. I pick Todd Brunsen and Johny Chan for the final. The commentary is still moronic and the blinds get too big too fast, but heads up is still cool.

I'd love to play a heads-up tournament. I've never heard of such a thing online. They exist in the real world but they're pretty rare in the US, much more common in Europe. I think I'd be pretty good; you get to play every hand so it eliminates the flame-out boredom factor which kills me in typical big tourneys. Ooo, actually I just saw PokerStars does have heads up tournaments, I'll have to try one soon...

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